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Demanding applications often require flexible solutions for the installation of the system components.

For this purpose, sea containers are becoming more and more popular due to their flexibility and cost efficiency in transport.

For this reason, in addition to its activities in the field of plant engineering, NH Industrietechnik also offers the conversion of containers to customer specifications.

In the process, the customer benefits from the company's own design, execution and planning.

It is possible both to convert individual containers according to specifications and accommodate complete plants in containers on a modular basis.

Interventions in the container structure are always carried out in accordance structural considerations,

so that a sea-worthiness inspection including lifting test can be carried out if required.

Reference project


  • Provision of complete air supply and exhaust system for mobile container camp for the disposal of poison gas grenades

  • All system components can be dismantled or housed in containers

  • Air supply with heater, cooler, silencer and humidifier

  • Exhaust air with multi-stage filter unit incl. redundant fans and activated carbon

  • Exhaust air also with a contamination-free design


  • Installation of the air supply and exhaust elements in two containers each

  • (complete conversion of the containers in-house, incl. CSC inspection)

  • All components according to CCC standard

  • Removal of filter materials for disposal in contamination-free bags

  • Specific ductwork including engineering during the project for optimal air distribution


  • Compilation of complete component planning in 3D and incorporation into the customer's overall project

  • Assembly of all four containers on site for trial operation

  • Incl. dismountable mobile chimney (height: 15 m)

  • Installation of all components incl. commissioning

  • Full support on site for specific adaptation of the system

  • Test run with end customer

  • Incl. smoke tests for airlock systems

Performance data:

  • Volume flow rate air supply: 9.000 Nm³/h (main unit) / 3.000 Nm³/h (additional units)

  • Temperature summer: max 25 °C, winter 10°C

  • Volume flow of exhaust air: 12.000 Nm³/h

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