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Pipeline construction

  • Design, planning and assembly

  • In-house production for individual solutions

  • Construction of ducts and special part

  • Manufacturing of welded pipelines with flanges

Every application requires the right material, which is why NH Industrietechnik relies on  in-house manufacturing. This makes it possible to manufacture piping and duct parts in a time and cost-efficient manner.


Ventilation technology

  • Complete air supply and exhaust systems

  • Incl. engineering and planning

  • 3D planning and flow diagram compilation

  • Assembly and delivery

  • Incl. steel construction, chimneys and insulation


Depending on the customer's requirements, primary planning, design and installation can be provided from a single source.

Direct cooperation with the customer is just as important as high-performance partner companies in order to respond specifically to the individual requirements.

The planning of all components is carried out using 3D drawings, special parts can be produced quickly and cost-efficiently in our in-house production.

Air Vent

Container solutions

  • Conversion of sea containers of all sizes according to customer specifications with cut outs

  • On request incl. approval process for international seaworthiness according to CSC regulations

  • Incl. planning drawing in 3D (Inventor)

  • Incl. MSR technology and internal cabling for user-friendly plug & play systems


Possible in-house installation of components:

  • Ventilation units

  • Complete flue gas cleaning systems

  • Dust filter

  • Thermal afterburners

  • Storage systems

  • Switch cabinets, etc. 


Customers benefit from in-house design, execution and planning. Individual containers can be converted according to specifications, as well as complete systems accommodated in containers on a modular basis. Modifications to the container structure are always made in accordance with structural considerations.


disposal of ammunition

  • Modular systems for the clean-up of flue gases from ammunition exhaust gases

  • Contamination-free exhaust air systems incl. activated carbon filters

  • Furnace technology, burner technology

  • Systems according to customer specifications

  • Stationary and mobile solutions (containers, flatbeds etc.)

  • Reconditioning of old plants, retrofit applications

  • Incl. planning drawing in 3D (Inventor)

  • Incl. MSR technology and internal cabling, for complete systems incl. visualisation

A long-standing business field of NH Industrietechnik is the supervision of plants for ammunition disposal as well as explosive ordnance disposal. The scope of supply ranges from plant components such as simple extraction systems and heated pressure-shock-resistant piping to complete flue gas cleaning systems for ammunition exhaust gases. Existing plants can also be overhauled and optimised in order to ensure that they remain state of the art and comply with current threshold values.

In cooperation with national and international customers, a contribution can thus be made to the safe disposal of lethal ordnance and old stockpiles.


flue gas cleaning

  • Multi-stage plants according to customer specifications

  • Mobile solutions in containers possible

  • Flue gas cleaning according to the 17th ordinance on the implementation of the German Emissions Control Act (17. BImSchV)

  • Incl. MSR technology and internal wiring for user-friendly plug & play systems

  • Thermal afterburning

  • Dust filter

  • DeNOx systems

  • Wet and dry processes

  • Incl. planning drawing in 3D (Inventor)


NH Industrietechnik stands for customised solutions in the field of flue gas cleaning and environmental technology. Waste gases from production, disposal and industrial processes are cleaned according to the currently valid regulations.

The plants are delivered worldwide and can also be mobile accommodated in mobile containers.


  • Maintenance and repair of new and existing plants

  • Measurement of air quality such as: FID, volume flow, temperature, humidity, etc.

  • Engineering and consulting

  • Support in approval procedures

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