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Our values and ethical principles

We earn the trust of our customers and work according to hanseatic principles, a handshake is binding for us and we want to be taken at our word.


We treat our customers fairly and want to be treated fairly ourselves, balanced fairness is the foundation for a respectful interaction with each other.


We see the human beings behind the customers,

nobody is infallible.


We work in accordance with economic principles, the advantage to our customer is always in the foreground.


In our specialist field, we have the expertise to offer our customers sustainable solutions, for our mutual success.


We take responsibility for our solutions, each of our employees is personally liable, ethical misconduct is not tolerated.


We treat all information we receive from our customers confidentially, third parties only receive absolutely necessary information.


We protect the environment with our solutions, thus preserving the continuity of our community and society.


We consciously commit ourselves to neutrality, if our ethical principles are endangered, we will not seek cooperation out of our own conviction and will withdraw from the transaction.

Commitment to quality

We are committed to the implementation and maintenance of the introduced QM system in order to always keep the quality of our products and services at a high level.

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